Tif Ginn lives in a shack on the north shore of Lake Erie in Ontario, Canada with her husband and kid. She was born & raised in Texas but has been living in Canada for the last 5 years. She is slowly freezing to death. To postpone her inevitable demise, she tours relentlessly with her husband, preferable in warmer climates as often as she can. This subzero existence has as also taken a toll on her creative process. The result is a dramatic shift in the new work- which is much more related to sunnier, rhythmic driven genres than perhaps the conventional themes and attitudes she has been known for up until now. The turning point in this shift was the purchase of a very expensive set of winter insulated snow pants. Her new appreciation for layers of winter clothing has carried with it a profound optimism and underlying joy even through her saddest work. A newfound enthusiasm both by her and for her has come about- it's definitely a metamorphosis. Whatever that is. These days music is discussed in terms of likes, hits, shares, and downloads- these terms are negated when true passion and love for the love of it comes shining through. The love and the love of it comes shining through not only in Tif Ginn's work; but in her stage presence and her general attitude toward life.