You can find out almost anything about Tif Ginn on the internet. That's where you are now. You're looking for a concise summary of who she is with maybe a funny story or some interesting facts interjected allowing you to feel as if you know her after a few short paragraphs. You'd like to read something that makes you want to know her more. But what do you really want to know? There are 39 years of stories, facts and crazy happenings that make up Tif's life. There is a lifetime of musical influences and instruments. There are endless changes and new ideas and experiences. There are old songs and new songs.

You want to know what she's doing now?

Every day Tif goes into the basement studio in her home to work on her new record. She has picked up every instrument in the house to learn and write parts for the work in progress. It's almost as much fun as you can have! She hopes to have the album available soon.

Tif is touring exclusively with her husband and musical partner, Fred Eaglesmith. They have an entertaining new show in which she keeps things moving by playing 8 instruments and singing harmony. 

You want to know what she did in the past?

Google it!