T if Ginn




Well, we missed the party but made the gig! So close yet...

lesson learned= you have to keep putting fuel in, yeah. 


Nashville Cats


here's the youtube link of the video of Kasey CHambers'  Nashville stop on her Campfire Tour- "Water in the Fuel" 

Fred & Kaey sing while I play accordion- kind of away from the mic so i don't hurt folks!




Florida Forever!


Every time i go back to Florida, i love it more! Seriously, the weather was fine and we stayed in the bus on the beaches and almost never left. We fished and went to see the famous dolphins, Hope and Winter, in the CLearwater Animal Rehab. What a time!


New Video!

Happy Burfday!


it's my birthday! 

thanks to my sweet friend, Doug & Nikki for bringing these amazing rosss to the gig! xoxo


A Little Taste of Texas


 A beautiful sunset on the Texas Gulf Coast with super fresh oysters! ANd a surprise visit~ it's Brit!!!!




Welcome 2019!

Nothing says "fresh start" quite like a bus repair. Oh brother.

The power steering, (yes, the same repair we did a few months ago), popped yesterday here in Nashville, where luckily, we have some days off. And everyone is so nice & helpful here, we found a great mechanic, Cliff, who really saved the day. The 30 mile drive to his garage, just north of the city was a bit harrowing because, well- no power steering in this giant elephant.

On the up-side, there are some nice buses to choose from in case this one is kaput!

And THIS is what happens when you don't practice, kids.



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