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Really enjoyed your performance at the shed,you made the acordian so sexy.Thank your parents for raising such a fierce musician. Best regards to Fred for finally showing you off.
Hi Tiff - loved you when you came to England last year ! Have you any plans to make it over the pond this coming year please?
Hearing you at the Barnfield Stage at Mariposa was truly one of the highlights of my experiences in 2018. The chemistry between you and Fred on stage is so enjoyably amazing.
Tif--your bio is friggin' brilliant and hilarious. Can't wait for the new record. Lydia and I will be there on the 19th with friends. xo Shannon
Just saw you and Fred in Fort Atkinson and the show was great. Small venue but very fun! You were amazing! Big set of lungs!!!! Thanks for the fun night.
Just saw you in Jax Florida- my 3rd time and always awesome! Such great emotion In the music and your voice just rocks. Would love to have access to your shirts or other items on line- and waiting patiently for get away car ...in the meantime jamming out to your cd! Thanks for a great show!
Wow, just wow. We saw you at the Iron Horse last night. Took my wife to see Fred Eaglesnith... She has turned me on to his music recently. I knew I would enjoy the show, but had no idea I would be floored by your opening act. Tif, you are the real deal. Your performance gave me chills. I was humbled by your power and delivery. Oh yeah, loved Fred as well. lol
We saw you in Fredericton, New Brunswick and was an amazing show as usual. You have a beautiful voice and so much talent with many instruments. Really looking forward to listening to your new cd. All the best on the tour and hope to see you in the area again.
Hi Tiff Just wanted to apologize for being late...my husband and I.... to the show on Friday in Annapolis Royal. We run a farmers market one town over in Bridgetown about 15 minutes away and tickets to this show were my birthday present! We tried so hard to make it on time but customers are assholes. I loved your set and you have two new fans who are spreading the Tif Ginn word. Such a beautiful and haunting voice. Thank you so much for coming to our end of the world. Chantelle and Gary Webb
looking forward to your show in Charlotte nc on nov.5th, stay safe and see you then!
Love your shows and cant wait for another Tif Ginn CD. Be well.
Really enjoyed your show with Fred E at the Café Carpe. Wishing you great success
Christ I cant get enough of Tiff, where are you playing anytime soon in Ontario,Canada Dave
I saw you at the Woodbridge Legion last September with Fred Eaglesmith. You're a fabulous musician and I'd love to catch your act again. All the best!
Really loved the Saturday afternoon matinee yesterday at the Rose Bowl. Thanks for sharing your incredible talents!!
Knocked it out of the park tonight in Salt Lake. Thank you. Please, come back soon.
Nice opening in Seattle, got the CD, want the other discs too. Good Luck! Christopher
Listening to the local radio station, they had announcements for upcoming shows. "Fred Eaglesmith tonight in Perkins". ?!?!? I've been listening to Fred for years but hadn't been keeping tabs on his tours, so this was a great surprise. After getting the wife and dinner together, we were going to get to the show late, but we walked in for Tif Ginn's last two songs. They were great!!! Picked up that CD and it's a new favorite. Best wishes from Stillwater!
Saw the show last night at Eddie's Attic. You were fabulous!
Just purchased your album. I'm stoked! Saw you in Hornings Mills, Ontario. The song "Little White Pills" caught my attention.You performed it masterfully. Now I want more of your amazing voice. Keep on Rockin!
Hey Tif, I saw you for the first time in St. Thomas with Fred.... You were fantastic!!!!! And gorgeous!! I hope to see you again! Thanks for the great show
Saw you at the Neat Cafe this weekend past and like everyone else was completely caught off gaurd by your performance. Amazing set of pipes, painting poignant imagery all delivered with a charm, ease, and professionalism that was riveting. One could almost forget about the mixed drinks that tasted like paint, chairs so close together you could feel the pulse of the person beside you and an over abundance of wannabes not quite accustomed to a sit down performance of that caliber. Thank you so much, god bless, and happy trails hun. Dion
Love your cd! Plus I'm knocked out by the song "Getaway Car"...is there any way to get the lyrics somewhere?
Hi Tif, I saw you in Gravenhurst at Peter's Players. I was blown away by your act at the beginning of the show, and loved the way you complemented Fred's songs during his part. I also found it interesting that you came and watched at the end when he did his encore. I couldn't get enough of your singing and hope to see you again soon. Ric
Saw you in Midland last night and bought your CD love it also watched your performance on David Letterman very impressive...Thank-You
Saw you open for Fred and was stunned! Crazy fantastic! I would love if you could somehow get a live version of "Little White Pills" on iTunes. Of course I have the album version as well but the tempo and passion of your live performance is unmatched. Keep it up. -Your newest fan-
Great show in KC the other night...even with the falling down drunk guy. Hope y'all come back soon.
met you tonight at a private event in JoMO. Really enjoyed your vocal talents and beautiful smile. Happy Trails to you and all your travelling companions. I'll be enjoying your new Tif Ginn CD for many miles of my own.
Looking forward to seeing you guys and Fred in KC tomorrow night. We're bringing some friends and family from Wichita so you'll have some new fans. Check out the Bartlett Arboretum in Belle Plaine, Ks on Google. You will drive right by on Sunday. Worth the stop if you have time. Glad to hear you will be back on the Delbert boat. Jim
Looking forward to the show in KC
Good Morning Tif. I'm just back to work after a great weekend up in Wakefield. My gal Sue and I spent our one year anniversary up in Wakefield, and caught the Traveling Steam Show performance at the Black Sheep Saturday Night (March 17th). For the past year I've been playing Eaglesmith CD's, and telling Sue about how great it is to see Fred and the Ginn Sisters live. We were not disappointed. What an amazing show! Everyone was in top form. Great energy! Sue was completely taken with your solo performance Tif, and I myself was blown away at how much you've grown as a singer/song writer over the past year and a half. Wow!I first caught your act 2 years ago at the Sheep, then at the Shankman theatre in Orleans, and couldn't imagine you getting any better than you already are. Boy was I in for a nice surprise. Keep on writing, and singing your heart out. Sue & I are eagerly looking forward to the next show. Peace Sister...good vibes coming your way. Sean & Sue
Hi saw you folks last night (fri mar 8) in winsome whitby... did not know that you were playing in our hometown of cobourg tonight! Sorry we cant make tonights show, as it is my m-in-laws 75th bday! we will be across the street at the oasis having dinner... come on down to Kellys Homelike Inn after your show for a beverage... Great show last night just sorry we did not hear a bit more of Bill... loved Tif and Fred and the rest of the troubadours... all the best Jeff and Nancy
Enjoyed your set at Eddies Attic tonight. You're a striking woman, Tif.
Saw you last night in Jacksonville and all I can say is WOW. Bought the 6Volt CD and was disappointed that your vocals not on it...you have amazing types, and LOVE your stage presence too. I have been looking at youtube videos this morning...the 'tart' hair-do is much better than the page-boy :-) Hope to catch up with you again in Ontario in the spring. Thanks for sharing your amazing talent...I will buy YOUR CD for sure!
Hi Tif, Good for you!!! I'm still alive! Hope you remember me! Andrew
At RiverHawk (Dade City, FL) Tif's high hollar behind Fred's gruff growl was a perfect vocal gumbo. Loved your solo set, the ladies rock!
Damn good music. Please come play in Columbia Missouri.
love you new cd ,you a besauitful voice ,it was great show in thunder bay on friday,thank-you for signing your cd for me hope to see you again live agian you have such amazing voice qand very talent lady Peace Tom A NEW FAN
I saw you in St. Louis and I have been listening to your CD daily ever since. I don't know what it is, but you got it. It's only a matter of time...
Caught your show at the Old 36 in Riverton! Man am I glad you all decided to veer slightly off of Old 66 for one show! AMAZING is all I can say!
Hi Ginn Sisters! Do you have a tentative idea about the schedule tonight at Six Strings? I am primarily going for you and Fred (Robbie Foulks too I guess). Any idea on set times for you and Fred!?
Saw you last weekend in Aylmer! Missed my chance to grab a CD. I'm on my way across Canada tomorrow from Toronto, hoping to catch y'all in Thessalon tomorrow night. Love the sound, keep it goin!
When will you perform in Seattle?
Hi, I run a record store in Australia and have ordered 'You Can't take a Bad Girl Home' for the store from a distributor and a Tif Ginn solo album for myself from your site. I noticed the shipping was only $2.00 if you need me to pay more for Tifs album to ship to Australia just let me know. Cheers Adam
Hey, saw you last night in Redcliff Alberta, what a show! Hope that you are back through this way again soon.
Itried to check tour dates none showed up on tab .It maybe my conection ,But thought I would let you know.I told Floyd of cd release,hope it does well for you.Tell Britt and Bill I said hello.Mark
i heard a version of just dropped in(to see what condition my condition was in)by the fabulous ginn sisters on the radio (the whip in farmer city)where can i get this version?
I've had the pleasure of seeing you perform with Fred. Very talented to say the least. Hypnotizing Thanks for being you (:-)B
Sending a shout out to my fav sistas,anxiously awaiting seeing y'all again,hopefully in Winnipeg,on the 4th of July...
Hope ya'll are having a bunch of fun!! We are fine down here. Just ready to see ya'll again. Tell everyone hello for us. Kelley and DeLane
Tiff I just listened to part of the solo album!! LOVE LOVE LOVE it.....and you!!! Your mind amazes me!!!
hey darlins! love love love the website!!! xoxox
great show... so proud of you! xoxooxoxox
Dear Ginn Sisters, I have seen you perform twice at the Filberg Festival, in 2009, and 2010, and as your name suggests you were fabulous both times. Your songs are delightful. Your abilities as performes are such that you deserve long careers. Also I have copies of two of your CDs'. They are terrific as well. Here is to you ladies have long careers. Your abilities as entertainers has earned my support for your having such.
Dear Ginns, I met you at the San Diego Folk Ailiance a few years ago. Glad to see you have a new Cd. I have enjoyed the first one and need to get the new one. Thank you! Brad D.
I sure wish Fred & The Fabulous Ginn Sisters would have a tour of the deep south. Being in central Mississippi, I suggest the Riley Center in Meridian, Mississippi. Also, there are numerous casinos in Vicksburg, Biloxi, Gulfport and Tunica, all of which are located in Misssissippi. We just saw Raul Malo last week in Lafayette, Lousiana which is also an option. In closing, consider New Orleans, Memphis, Baton Rouge, or the hometown of Paul Thorn which is Tupelo, Mississippi.
My wife and I saw you ladies at Off Broadway in St. Louis. Y'all put on a great show............ Hopefully Fred will record a live album with you. Your vocals really complimented Fred's music. I love Fred, but you really helpd breathe some energy into his songs, and show. I bought a CD, and a T-shirt for my twin daughters. They love the CD ( rare, as they listen to Pop/ Hip Hop), and are fighting over who will be wearing the T shirt to school tomorrow............I guess i should have bought two...... Hopefully you will be coming back to St. louis soon. Best of luck to you at S X SW..............................I have a feeling you will be getting a lot of attention there. My wife and I are considering a roadtrip. hopefully it works out.
You gals rocked it again. Knuckleheads is an awesome venue. I dont know if we will make Peabody or not. I would like to see Bill play though.Keep the Allegro going down the road even though you didn't go with the hot tub option. And gotta love Blue's muscle face
Just got our tickets for KnuckleHeads in Kc. We saw you gals in Atlanta. Yes I was the weirdo that bought all the CDs. I promise not to have as much Jim Beam as I did at Eddie's Attic. Looking forward to it. Also bringing our daughter and two of her friends. I think I am fast becoming a Fabulous Ginn Sisters groupie. The 250 miles will be worth it. On the other hand it is alot closer than Atlanta. See ya'll sat.
great show at six strings. thanks for the postcards. jason doesn't know what he missed.
Hey, You guys are killing me!
Saw your show in Bloomington, tonite.( I'm that guy from Baylor.) You & your band are....fabulous. Best show I've seen in a year or more. Two questions: Did you ever run into Dale & Loren Barron in Waco...Dale is a fiddle/mandolin player, &, how did a MCC dance major and a Baylor flute player end up in the music business, other than the obvious---talent? Thanks so much for playing in this area & please come back when you can. God Bless, Jim
Loved seeing you guys live in Nashville. Was playing your CD in the car & had friend ask "who is that!". Sending her a copy of your CD for her daughter who works at NARAS. Take care...
I miss you guys! tell Kori I said Hi,and tell her to email me.I keep on trying,and its not working.Thanks Andrew
I saw you last night at the Handlebar, first time seeing Fred and the entire show was great. I went on the Delbert cruise in 1997 which also is an awesome experience. I've seen Delbert, Marcia Ball, & Teresa James at the Handlebar, though it's nothing like the cruise, the music is always great.
happy birthday toooo youuuuu!!!
Caught you last night with Fred @ Eddie's...what can I say, I love your talent and your 'tude....looking forward to the ride!
Saw you girls with Fred at Frodo`s Grill, as Fred calls it, last Sunday. Great venue, in Fordor`s back yard, Hope to catch ya`ll next year.
My girlfriend and I loved you as opening act and with Fred Eaglesmith at Aces in Bradenton, Fl. I am a singer-songwriter and really dig great harmonies which you have. My website is: www.ishmaelkatz.com and www.reverbnation.com/ishmaelkatzandgaardunnofdelights
Hey, how was the cruise? are you ever going to write back? I miss you girls. Can't wait to see you this Thurs.20th Well, when you get a chance write!!! or call 828-288-3927 Andrew
hey girls would love to know your feb tour dates or your march dates would love for you to come up to the sportsmans lodge in bigelow mo send me a e-mail would love to have you thank you floyd
Hi! miss you guys(girls) can't wait for Jan.20th
Heard you all on the radio show "Folk Salad" in Tulsa, Oklahoma! I was blown away! Keep on rockin!
Hello Brit and Tiffany, wishing you and the families a great Christmas and New Year, from Hudson Quebec (home of Blue's first peanut butter tasting !), Fred and the band are coming back for an encore in June this year, but it just won't be the same without you. Your music is all around us, from here to both coasts of Canada, as the cd's sold that night have made it onto everyone's favorites playlists. Here's hoping you can find a way to make it back here this year- we would love to bring the bad girls back home away from home.
we love you guys,come back to the northeast don't give up the dream
Golly. Bought this CD at the Christmas Show in Eff. Every song is my favorite. At the moment, it's "Hey Doll." You two are amazing! v
Tiffany! Hello!!!! got to see you on T.V x2 today....I'll be purchasing those CD's. You go girls!!! this is Fantastic!!!!!! love ya! Jerre
Just heard you on KXAN and what a great sound!! You have just earned a new fan. Good luck in the future.
I am listening to you guys on the radio right now in Austin. I happened to tune in to your interview and I am so, so glad that I did because I really adore your music. I am going through a few pretty difficult personal things, and your music brought me to tears just now, from pure emotion. I am going to catch you live on Friday night. Thank you for making such beautiful, beautiful music.
You ladies blew my mind! What an amazing show, totally haunting harmonies. Can't wait to see you in Winnipeg again! Cheers Jen
Hey ladies! Gals? women-folk? Whatever the hell you like being called. I really dig your music and would love to see you guys in Denver. Obviously it means getting the fan base and touring through or near and all that, but it would be great.. Anyway, keep doing what you're doing, i'll keep digging it. Kevin
Thanks for the *great* show at Dosey Do in the Woodlands, TX last night. Your new CD is sure to be a success with your fans. Our visiting guests from Ohio were blown away by your musical talent and stage presence.
I am Tabbitha Ginn. I am11 years old. I wonder how we might be related. Will you talk to me? You have nice music. Could we be friends? Sincerely, Tabbitha Ginn P.S witre me back.
I just watched all your videos for the first time!!! I miss you and love you both soo much. You are on your way keep up the good work and remember us little people when you are rich and famous!! ; ) XOXO
Good morning Girls, Thank you for a most fantastic show last night at Wilbert's in Cleveland. You're probably hundreds of miles from here by now ~ but I just wanted to let you know how your words, harmonies, and musicianship is filling my happy thoughts. My sweetheart and I truly enjoyed sharing the evening with you!
Man,you two were at the top of the list of my favs,at the Forest Lake deal in Ear Falls last month!Dunno if ya remember,but I had a buddy snap our pic.( you were holdin'yer young'un,wearing your LOVE THAT BEAVER t-shirt,I was wearin'one that said "I'm no gynocoligist,but I'll take a look") Figured it'd make a neat pic,I still haven't seen it.Anyway,am really lookin'forward to catchin'yer act again,somewhere,sometime.You gals are wayyyyy kool.
Hi Girls!!! I hope y'all have had a great summer with Fred & wonderful band!! Your Aunt misses you very much & can't WAIT to see you next month in Dallas. I hope that my little nephew will want to see me. Show him some pictures of me or have him call me so I can tell him I love him. Love you girls very much & so proud of you!! :) Love - Great Aunt T
We saw you with Fred Eaglesmith at the Westside Theatre in Newman, California. Girls, you were perfect...kicking ourselves in the ass for not knowing of you earlier. But good things come to those who wait, eh? Your harmonies are exact - reminiscent of the Everly Brothers and the Mamas and Papas. The fact you two are button cute is a bonus! From Stockton, California - Jeff and Lynne
I'm a long time Fred head and a writer. Sometimes I write for Lonestar music magazine out of Gruene, (TX). Caught a show in San Antone (Casbeer's) last year. Wondering if you ever got that new CD made. I'm thinking about penning a piece on Fred and wanted to include you in the deal. don
Hey Ginn Sisters! How's life on the road? I wonder where you are right now. I was lucky enough to catch you in Sudbury. You guys kicked ASS! Love the harmonies, and love the flute too. I booked a cross Canada tour for a flute player friend of mine. That's another story. Water under the bridge....i'm too cool to cry about that...even though it was a Hard Fall. Let her..."it" burn :) Anyways, I just wanted to let you know that I had zero idea of what to expect before I saw you. Now let's say Gin is my favorite drink. Everything else can go "down the drain" Drive Safe. HOpe you're home for Christmas. Jeff
Hope you guys come back West soon, also hope Blue liked his toy bus our boys gave him at mountain view. Enjoy Ontario guys x
We were at ELA... Just wanted to say thanks for helping me keep an eye on my 2 year old before the show. It was fun hanging on the beach with yours. The show on the Beaty Time stage was so fantastic!!! Thanks again!
Enjoyed the show and meeting you tonight at The Cadillac Lounge...hope you get a chance to listen to the Sin City Boys cd, and have some fun out there on the road! KJ
Saw you at Aylmer. Nice show. The blond thing seems to be working. Fred seemed to be impressed.
Hey Sisters!! Loved seeing you at Trout Forest Music fest and am enjoying your CD. Hope to see you somewhere again in Manitoba, NW Ontario or even Minnesota or North Dakota. Good luck on the rest of your tour with Fred. Looking forward to hearing new songs. Renee
Saw you girls at Trout Forest music festival in Ontario and later in the night backing up Fred. You made the show. I liked your Southern Culture on The Skids style. Missed the CD unfortunately.
Hey there, We caught your show last night (in Wabigoon at Papi's Cafe...just in case u played somewhere else in the hamlet of Wabigoon :) ) To say the least we were jaw dropped...what a great act. We are sure you ladies will go far, what a great sound. Happy Travels, Ben /Dor
Great show today at the Filbert(g) ladies. My wife and I travelled to Comox from Victoria specifically to hear you and Fred. Music from the heart ,music from the soul. Hope you're back again next year. As a classicly trained singer photos with the mouth wide open should be viewed as an honour. Hope you put the page back up! ;-) Great fun! Bob.
You were fabulous at the Filberg today, great to see you again, hope to see you next year, love your CD.
Can't wait for the southern picnic.You'll love Springwater
Wow. My wife and I haven't heard anything like your music with Fred Eaglesmith in a long time. Speaking of time, your timing with each other is amazing. We saved the David Letterman show on Tvo and watch it over and over. Britt, if I was young and handsome, you would desperately be in need of a fast pair of sneakers! We wish all the best for the both of you. Beautiful and fantastic
Hey Ginn Sisters - saw you in Regina SK - loved your sound and your songs. Bought 2 CDs and sent one to my friend Jennifer in Vancouver. I know she will love it, too. Hope you are enjoying your big tour of Canada.
Hi guys, I reallly enjoy your music and the C.D I bought
Great show last night...get Fred to give you guys 45 min. We could have stayed a little longer!
ola!!! say adios and come home. this place misses you. xoxoxoxoxox
Saw you girls in Saskatoon last night... so fantastic! Definitely a fan! Loved the show. Good luck with the rest of the tour. :)
Hi Tiffany and Brit: We saw you, Fred, and the rest of the band last night in Regina ... great! My husband and I were the ones that said we are going to Austin in October. Listened to your CD on the way to work this morning and love it. Hope to see you again. Ciao
Sure miss your voices and faces. Can't wait for all of you to come home and do a few shows at Freyburg. Love your c.d. and Fred's. I am wearing them out listening to them. Take care and xoxoxoxoxo.
I linked our site to yours... www.flipperflanagan.com and posted a picture. The rest of the pictures are on my Facebook page. Great concert...love your songs...Fred knows how to pick'em! Jamie Gerow
hey ladies! just watched your show in thunder bay this evening. you two did a great job. i feel you both send out a strong message to females, encouraging us to be confident and empowered. i love the new cd. keep up the great work!
hi the fabulous ginn sisters!!! it's sabrina and i'm at your house swimming!!!! wish you were here!!! what are y'all doing??? how is blue? and happy birthday bill!!! see you.
Saw you on Letterman and I could have watched you dance for hours!
Caught the act on Letterman...what a revelation! Beautiful and apparently very talented!
You two sang and played at my niece's wedding back in '96 in my parent's backyard in Weimar. We made a point to stay up late and watch you last night on the Letterman Show. Great job and good luck. I love the musical style!!! Holly
Great show in Haddon Heights, NJ this past Wed. night ... Loved your music and amazing harmonies ... First time seeing you .. Now a big fan ... See you next time ... Looking forward to Letterman tonight ! Best, Bill Walsh
HI Sisters.....I just happened to stumble onto your website today. What perfect timing...I read that you will be on the David Letterman show tonight. I WILL be watching! How awesome for you!! I saw you with Fred Eaglesmith & his band at The Slice in Lethbridge AB last year. My husband & I are Fredheads and see him whenever he's in our area. We thought you two were great and really added a different texture to his songs. By the way, I knew Fred was going back to The Slice this July. We'll be there..and I'm happy to see that you will also return there together again. We'll also be at the South Country Fair that weekend. Will be looking forward to seeing you there too! I will buy your CD also, because it sounds great playing throughout your website. Congratulations in all you're doing.
helllllooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so excited about today!!!!!
Howdy Kids, I've seen all of Fred's shows since he's been performing in the Shenandoah. I saw you guys with him at Durkerz in Harrisonburg- he could not have picked a better match-up, you all are great!! I'll be traveling to Vienna to catch you show next week. I'll be the tall guy,,, thank you all! steve
hello the ginn sisters. i think i hear your momma callin.
When are you comming to Sweden,,,or at least Europe;)! Would love to see y'all live!
Hey girls.... keep up the great singing... see you for the first time at the Music hall last ... I was really impressed with your music. Looking forward to seeing you perform again ... all the best Brenda
Hi Girls, How are ya'll? Love the new c.d. Mom gave me. I listened to it incessantly whilst I was recovering from kidney stones. I am so happy Mom & GW are coming to see all of you. Just be sure to send her back to Texas. Love to all. Kisses to Monkey.
Just wanted to say hello......we saw you guys in Eureka Springs,AR a year or so ago! Loved it, loved it, loved it! We are TEXAS girls also maybe we can catch you at home soon! Take care !!!
so, here's that note you wanted me to leave, per your facebook status. do you girls realize how much i miss yall? well, i do. a lot. and i love yall's music too. and i love saying yall. say it with me. yall. love all of you crazy kids! give blue a huge-ish kiss from me! he won't know who i am, but just go with it.
I hear you are touring with Fred, who we have booked ofr our August 12th wedding social along with the Romi Mayes band. Fred has played at my place twice before both way cool shows. Fred is also @ the troutfest again this year and our party is the Thursday night before the Troutfest. Looking forward to meet you. Lloyd & Jacque
Great shows at the Tin Angel last night. I took the "bad girls" cd home. See you at Roots On The River in Vermont next month.
Loved your performance tonight at the Tin Angel in Philly! I was sitting on the chairs by the side of the stage, early show and was very impressed by the energy you brought to Fred's show. Hope to see you again soon.
How can I order the new c.d. from ya'll? thanks
I am going to brave running into a twisted ex to see you in Saratoga but I wouldn't miss it for all my twisted ex's in one room. I love love every single one of your songs. You make me want to move to Texas;0)
Heard you all for the second time at the Evening Muse in Charlotte, NC. First time was in Gastonia, NC two years ago when the Fire Marshall shut you all down. Great music, great voices. Didn't buy a t shirt cause i ran out of money...how can i purchase your new tshirt ? thanks! cris
Saw you at the Evening Muse last night. What an absolute pleasure! We knew what we were getting with Fred, but with you two doing your own set and then backing him up...whoa! Thanks so much, what a Fabulous show! Please come back.
Saw u guys tonight in Charlotte...I was the guy in the orange "Clemson" hat with the "Drive By Trucker" shirt. I was really digging you guys! If you're on Face Book, look me up and keep me posted as to when ya'll we be back around!
Heard about ya'll because of our obvious name..I love your sound.. Congrats on the CD Release... I know it'll be an awesome show on the 28th... We'd love to have ya'll in Lexington, Ms sometime.. Check out my Brother's Restruant website. www.eatatkittrells.com
hello pretty little darlins!
Hi girls. I am just sittin here with my Miller Lite. Crying. Listening to Fireworks on you tube. So sad. I hurt.
Great show on Friday at Fitzgerald's in Berwyn, IL, thanks!
Phenomenal show @ Knuck's in KC on 04/11/2010 Hope 2C y'all again soon!
Don Kirchenberg Last night I enjoyed another great show by Fred Eaglesmith http://www.fredeaglesmith.com/listen.html at Fitzgerald's in Berwyn, IL one of the best venues ever for live music. And it was a very pleasant surprise to hear the Fabulous Ginn Sisters http://www.tifginn.com/as the opening act. Later the sisters were b...ackup singers for Fred which is something new and good too. They are just starting their North American tour which will run through September so I recommend that you look for them coming to a city near you.
just checking out your tour schedule... no Houston gigs? Sad face :( I'm anxious to see ya'll in action, so I'll have to check you out in another city
Can not wait for Brtifest and the c.d release. I can't imagine that you can top Blood Orange. But I know you will. Have fun on the tour and see you 4/16/10. Kisses to Blue Monkey.
hope to see you gals soon...., i really miss your beautiful voices, see you at the southern picnic or sooner.....perhaps??? Wishing you continued success in your music,travels. Bye for now....
when are you coming back to the nest? i love you!! i listen to your cd every day, and you always have a home here. i'm thinking about baby blue and hoping he's well. you sing to me. thank you.
when are you coming back to the nest? i love you!! i listen to your cd every day, and you always have a home here. i'm thinking about baby blue and hoping he's well. you sing to me. thank you.
Yeah! You are home in the Burg. Can't wait for Britfest. I so want a tee shirt.Come see me on Monday's for yoga. Blue is so precious.
Hey ladies, I just saw your youtube video for HARD FALL. I actually sobbed. That was like a sucker punch to the gut. You really touch me. Love, Pat Sajak Green
happy march!!
enjoyed hearing you for the firts time in winters with fred, looking forward to more shows and i hope koprey shared the treats i left behind Craig
Hi!!! We miss you guys soooooo much! Lilly got Blue's card in the mail yesterday. She was all smiles! We can't wait to see you guys! Have fun and take care!!! =)
Hi Girls The wife and I attended the show at the Palms in Winters, Ca. on Sunday, Feb 21. Enjoyed your set and your backing vocals during Fred's show. Good Luck to you in your further adventures on the road. Maybe we'll see you again down the road.
Hey Ladies, IU am still crying after hearing your fireworks song. it really struck a cord with me. at least i have my miller lite! love PAT benatar
happy valentine's day!!!!! xoooooox
Saw you in Dallas with Fred. Really good stuff, can't wait to see you again. I always look forward to making Schulenburg on my way to Port O'Connor. Means I'm close to the coast. Good Luck to ya and love your stuff.....Dave
Hey ladies....I just heard Fireworks in Black and White on youtube and I cried into my pint of Miller Lite! PitterPat Green.
Saw you opening and backing Fred Eaglesmith last nite at the Coffee Gallery. You folks were just awesome and much cuter than Fred to boot. Come back soon. Geo
Hey girls!!! Jena and I went out last night and she told me about the Fabulous Ginn Sisters, so I had to check it out for myself!!! You girls are so lovely and talented. We miss you back in the Burg. Hope the road treats you well. Give the cutest baby in the WORLD a kiss from us! Love you guys
Drove down from phx to see Fred on saturday. You girls were a pleasant surprize. Look forward to your new CD.
Great show in Tucson last night. What a surprise. You weren't listed on the bill. Your voices, harmonies, and songs are perfect and you are both hot as hell. Thanks for stopping by. I 'm glad you enjoyed your stay. Hopefully you will come back soon.
The Ginn Sisters + Miller Lite = a great Sunday! Love, PATty Cakes
helloooooo!!!!! xoxoxo
hey girls....just sippin a cold one listenting to my copy of Blood Oranges! love, Peppermint PATty.
I'm here to say hello. hello. Yall r awesome!!. bye.
Ginn is not a very common name - Hello from Danny in Mississippi
Hey ladies....just out on tour and really wishin i could be at the cactus tomorrow night! I will pop a cold miller lite in your honor....love, perrermint PATty.
Saw you guys at Shooters in Gainesville, Texas - AMAZING! You have a new pair of fans back home in Texas
Saw you Friday night at the Granada, Thought you were AWESOME!!!! Will be following you!!!!!
Just drinkin a cold one and thinkin of you....Miss you! Love, Patty Cakes.
have fun on your up coming tour in cali!! be safe and play hard. oh, and make sure bill behaves. see ya friends!
I saw yall at Courville's last night. You have an amazing sound. I can't wait for the new cd!
Please contact me about playing for a gala for our hospital on Aprial 24, 2010. I can be contacted at 830.672.7581 ext. 421 or 830.857.4658.
You guys were great in Harrisonburg VA this month!
I have had 7 miller lites today....and it is only 12:30!!!! I love you! Patster.
Got to meet Bill and Blue when you played in Ithaca -would have liked to tell you how fabulous your harmonies are. Sorry to hear about your wreck! Just a thing -you are all okay, no?
We saw you last sat with Fred in Brooksville Fl. (Sertoma Ranch). We really enjoyed your sound and vibe. Needless to say we are now big fans. Despite the brutal cold you were very professional and carried on as though you were unfazed by the conditions. I guess "the show must go on" isn't just a cliche for some. Add the demise of your RV to the mix, I then admire your strength and fortitude even more. We hope to see you soon under better circumstances. Thanks again.
I'm the world's biggest FredHead and now am a GinnHead. Loved you with Fred at the Handlebar the other night. Thanks for signing your CD for me. Hope to see you again soon. David
We were blown away at Eddie's Attic last night! Thanks for coming on down even after the accident. You have a bunch of new fans now!
drive south. sorry i couldn't help. was blue drivin'?
whats up FABULOUS ginn sista's??
Hope the New Year is bringing you much joy and success. Looking forward to seeing ya'll soon. Blue is almost 1 year old. WOW!!!!
I've ALWAYS known y'all are FABULOUS!! I can't wait to see all of you, including Fred!!! If one of you could PLEASE text me, I have a question for you, heck even Blue can send me a text. I love you girls & miss you bunches.... Keep up the great work & can't wait to hear some new songs..
Loved the show last night at Ashland Coffee & Tea. My wife Denise (Schulenberg) was a little to shy to stay and talk after the show. Here great uncle was the man who founded the town of Schulenburg, TX. Much sucess and happiness to you!
love you! ---Patty.
was looking at the weather forecast for Sellersville and i hadda put on my snuggie. brrrrrrrrrrrrrabbit!!! xoxox
hey girls! drinkin a miller lite and missing you! love, PG
Saw you for the first time in Port Dover on Friday night, second row from the front. Really enjoyed your music and your presentation of it! Definitely impressed with your songwriting and vocals. My wife, an appreciator of good vocals, was quite impressed with your harmonies in the quieter song you performed. Anyways, will check out your discs and good luck in the new year with your new cd!
Just wanted to drop you gals a line and say how much I appreciated and enjoyed your show with Fred at the Lighthouse in Port Dover. It was a real treat. All the best to you and yours . Merry Xmas. P.S.Steelworkers love the Fabulous Ginn Sisters
Saw you guys in Port Dover..on the Friday ..Front row..\ I don't usually practice ogling.. You two were great, It was a memorable show. See you soon.
Just saw you in Port Dover - we really enjoyed it!
Saw you tonight at Lighthouse Theatre in Port Dover with Fred Eaglesmith Certainly had a great time overall (lots of yuks too) But I really enjoyed your set, too short though. Have fun keep shakin the shimmey and best of luck with the RV.
Saw y'all last night at the Iron Horse in Northampton, MA. What a great, beer-drinkin', fun show you guys put on. We arrived Fred-headed and left Ginn-soaked. Thanks for a fine cookin' lesson. We look forward to seeing you someplace in the future.
2 of my favorite people in the world! with 2 of the most fascinating and beautiful voices in the world... love you guys!
Hey Tiff and Britt. This is Fred of Fred & Kim fame & Idaho Springs (CO) a few years ago. I will see you in Northampton at the Iron Horse next week with bells on. Will Bill be with you? If you see this, post a reply. I could come up to Northampton early and we could lunch or dinner or something. Look forward to it. Best wishes.
brit rules
Ok, I have Jan. 29th down to hang with you guys in Dallas!!! I'm so sad that I won't see you over Christmas when I go home. Great Aunt T would like to see her nephew soon... Love y'all!!!
Hey! Love you and miss you. Miller Lite!!!
love you.
Call me! We need to catch up! I love Miller Lite!
Tiff and Britt, Cannot express how much I enjoyed the evening at Lake Sara Marina outdoor stage!!! I am very inpressed with not only your creativity in your songs, but also with your stage presence as well. I'm without a doubt a big fan and do sincerely wish you both much success!!! Brian's Kara's Old Man!! Robert
Yo, I thought my Sept 11 comment would be buried deeper than this. For diary/travelog purposes, that was in reference to the Sept 10 Ginn Sisters/Fred Eaglesmith at the Red Dragon Listening Room, Baton Rouge. A great little venue.
just stalkin' Y'all!!!!
it was fun playing with ya'll last night. I love miller lite! hook em horns!
Kari ('mom')- I'm leaning toward "Anything Pumpkin". Two categories: food and non-food.
Fred is freakin' great. He's one of the great songwriters of our time and a compelling and hilarious performer. He will pretty much make fun of everyone. Wish I could be there!
Fred Eaglesmith will be performing Tuesday, Sept. 22nd in Hammond, Indiana. Hammond is on the Illinois border about 25 miles southeast of Chicago. Phone (219) 932-0165. This is my first time I am seeing Fred perform is he good?
Oh Brit, such a beautiful face and damn what good lookin' legs! That Fred is a lucky fellow to have two hot chickies like y'all singin' backup. Glad to know that some of those lonely Canadian fellows didn't highjack you and head up on the hills. I'm sure some wanted to! Ma and pa look so cute with the little boy. What I am really writing about is y'all making a eastern USA tour and stopping by in south central North Carolina - you know - the Charlote area. We miss y'all down here and want to see you again real soon like. Bye now. JT
just wonderin... will there be any contests at the hoedown? like pie or cake or salsa????
Hi, I met Brit last night at the Fred show. It wasn't me who said, "Welcome ! Stay as long as you like !", but it could have been. I mean - - my sentiments, exactly. I was the one who said, "Is that a Yorkie?" about 3 hours before the show started. Anyway, y'all's show was great, and your background vocals really added a lot to Fred's music, him not having a band and all. Flute solos would not have been out of place in a few of those numbers. Boy, Fred was feisty last night. Anyway, happy trails, and I hope we cross trails again.
JOURNEY TO MARS! Beam me up Scotty!
Yes, we were waiting to hear Fred sing. But sometimes the best things in life are unexpected. Thanks for bringing us an unexpected pleasure last night at the Old Quarter. We truly enjoyed every minute.
Saw yall for the first time at Kerrville, Labor Day. Loved it! You've got a new fan. Also loved hearing one of my all time favorite songs, Some Day Soon, revitalized.
dontcha wanna take a.....CWUISE SHIP
love all the pictures!!! you guys either played in the sprinkler at fred's or somebody forgot to turn on the a/c!
come home
nice. very blingy. xoxox
A magic night at Marty and Susans.
I heard a recording of a Robert E. Keen show at Threadgill's where Robert was saying how the previous time he had played there you could barely hear him at times over the clanging of plates and glasses, and you could barely hear him tell that account over the banging and clanging of glasses and plates on the recording. LOL! It still sounded gtrat though! :>)
Saw Y'all in Nelson, B.C. and Invermere, B.C. Great stuff! I worked for 32 years as a train conductor in Nelson and Trail. Really liked the "soundcheck" performance of Ian Tyson's Some Day Soon in Invermere!
Can't wait to see you tonight. Thank you for the opportunity to record tonight's show! I plan on meeting you oncew I arrive!
I am looking forward to tonight's show in Ann Arbor. You will LOVE playing there. It is a fantastic venue. Thank you for the opportunity to record the show tonight and I plan to meet you while I am there!
if you know her, you just call her ja...
it is so cool that jan terri is a fan and friend! Jealous.
i don't wanna lose you tonight, you're the only thing that matters!
I loved your singing tonight and was so happy to meet you. Thank you so much for taking a picture with my friend and I. The minute I got home I played your CD and it was AMAZING and AWESOME. I sent you the picture we took. You guys are so cool and I wish I had gotten a picture with your drummer. I LOVE her and her hair! Please say hi to her for me if you can.
dontcha wanna take a CWUISE SHIP???
I seen you gals at Freds picnic before ....I was totally amazed!!!!!your music ROCKS!!!!!!!
Hi there, Tif and Brit. You've got quite a fan here though I've seen you live just twice. The harmonies are seemless and the songs are golden. I'm so sorry I won't be opening for you tomorrow night at the Green Frog. I hate to have to miss it! I know your show will be uplifting and fabulous. Happy touring with Fred Eagelsmith!
cool. you're in armstrong. that's the home of the village cheese company. give'em my regards.
I really enjoyed "Drinkin Too Much" by Fred and Britt last night in Grand Prairie Teresa
look how i spelt your. der.
hey little darlins!!! i'm hoping your havin a super day!!! xoxoxoxox
Hey girls seen you last saturday at pembina river nights with Fred Eaglesmith.Very cool that was the first time I had ever heard of you girls or heard your music. throughly enjoyed it. Went and bought your CD Blood Oranges right after your performance there's some real gems on there too.Anyway hope canada's been treating you well, take care
Over from Aus for the Stampede & Fred. Saw you at the Palamino, Nanton & Rocky Mtn House. Love the Blood Oranges CD. What was the name of the Ian Tyson song you did at Rocky Mtn House?
Hey Ginn sisters! Two Effingham fans checking in and hoping your tour is going great. We can't wait to see you when your back south of the border! Tell Bill and Baby Blue hello.
Get down, goblins!!!!
You all looked and sounded great last Friday. I'm editing video I took and will post you a link soon. Tight 'n awed. Austin, huh?!! Very cool! Y'all made my month!
Hey ladies it was great meeting you last night in calgary.. thx alot for the cd im listening to it know and loving it! take care and good luck with the rest of the tour! :-D god bless
You guys should get on the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival line-up. Talk to Warren Hellman -- or someone at KPFA might be able to send you in the right direction.
Wonderfull great site
Hey guys! I caught your performance in Dauphin at Countryfest both with and without Fred. I LOVED it! Can't wait to see you again.
Don'tcha wanna take a CWUISE SHIP??!!
Just heard you song Down The Drain here in Knoxville Tn on WDVX,Great song loved it.Are you ever in this area? Thanks
Hi Tiffany~ Thanks for writing! Hope you've got some prospects in mind because we should have our new CD out sometime this year...Fireworks will be on it. Thanks for coming out to the show- see you next time around.
Hi girls!! I miss you all so much!! I hope you are having a great time on tour. Give Blue a hug & kiss from his Great Aunt T. Love you all!!
Hey guys! The Ginn Sisters is my favorite musical duo since Simon and Garfunkle. =) Generally Happy and Blood Oranges have gotten me through two major heartbreaks. I can't start dating again until you release a new album! Caught you in Fort Collins last night. Great show, thanks so much. Can't remember the title of the song, but something about watching fireworks in black and white. What's the title of the song and where can I get a copy?
is is difficult to put new pictures on here? it would be oh so much fun to see new pics right here on this website. i'm missing tgs.
Hope you guys are enjoying your tour. Got to be cooler there than here in Texas. Take care, and be cool....
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Howdy ladies! My young daughters Cadence & Harmony also have a musical duo. At 7 and 9 yrs old, they both play guitar and sing great harmonies. We'll be at your show in Idaho Springs - would love for them to meet you if possible. Good luck on your summer tour!
I sure will miss you girls, Poss & Baby Blue. I know you will knock them out with your great vocals. Don't forget about us here in Hot,hot,hot Texas
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It's funny goodluck
magic story very thanks
Excellent work, Nice Design
sorry i missed the last show in texas until september... i missed it. what a horrible mommy.
Say hey to Junior Brown from Tom and I. We knew him when he lived in Colorado back when the Dead Sea was just sick.
Hey ladies, I really like the web site redesign. Now that you're not using FLASH for everything, it's more ACCESSIBLE to blind, visually impaired, and those who can't handle a mouse due to arthritis or other ailments. Bravo! Are You Accessible? Check knowbility.org/train/ for more info.
Ourstanding Recording!!! I will be at your show in Cleveland, if at all possible. Let me know when and where. Best of luck to you and yours. Steve
It's funny goodluck
Sounds like a very interesting concept! Are you trying to reach my quiet compliance Fresh joke! Who is DraculaÂ’s favorite person on the baseball team? The BAT boy!
I love this site
Jonny was here
Hey Ladies...and Bill! Really looking forward to having you perform at our Backyard Concert in Holcomb.
Yes, sorry, I think Threadgill's has canceled all of their weekday shows.
perfect design thanks
About a year ago I heard yall on KUT 90.5 doing a song called "Fireworks in Black and White". I still play it back on there website all the time. It's a great song!!! Tell me how I can get a copy of that please.
New layout. Y'all are getting so fancy!
don'cha wanna take me on a sea cwuise!!! jan
Get down, goblin!
That webcam thing was like forever ago. I lost all the new posts when I switched over the website. Poo.
very nice new site... but what webcam is that talking about?
what webcam?
Hey Brit, Good job.
Are you coming to the Beaumont, TX area?
Bill, You may not remember me but I just wanted to say how impressed I was with the comments you made at the RV park jam. It appeared that you took your time from home to jam freely with those who play just for the love of it.(your words) I felt truly lucky to have witnessed what you did. In 25 yrs associated with music, Ive seldom come across such unselfish inspiration. You were unselfish and I was inspired! Thanks Bill, I will be listening to the Ginn Sisters now, Dean. (Old drummer and traveler from Nebr.)
who is this person with the crazy name that gets up at 6:26 am??? come home soon. i am having ginn daughters withdrawals... you know that's not good for me. yoga was a killer last night. we miss you. xoxoxo
Loved your intimate show at the Carrick House. What a treat that must've been for you to play a little show where everyone in the room practically lives for wonderful music like yours. You have a great, experienced and loving chemistry together. It was a pleasure to be there. Thank You!
Saw you tonight at the Carrick House - Great show!!! Wow, I'm hooked. Hope to see you up here in Michigan again soon...
Mike...and other Staggerers...sorry about the mixup. It turns out that I just put some wrong dates up. Nothing's wrong and we'll be back that way soon. Check out the Focal Point in St. Louis.
HEY GIRLS HOW YOU DOING? I was wondering what happened to your show @ the Stagger Inn Again in Edwardsville, Illinois? Me and my buddy Stan where all stoked about driving over from St. Louis to see you guys tonight and when i checked your site today i noticed it has been taken off the "calendar"....I called The folks @ Stagger and they new nothing other than you two where not playing tonight 02/15/07....so we are very bummed out! We have been wanting to see you guys again every since we seen you open for Fred Eaglesmith in St. Louis last year.....i almost drove up to Iowa because i have a friend that works for John Deere and he would let me crash....O well I will try to catch you in March. I hope nothing bad has happened?
thanks for the pictures. it made me feel so good to know that you do not take chances when you are driving
Briffy, Harvey says he would like to have a word with you next time you are here. Something about sleeping beauty and paybacks....I don't know... I thought the picture was great and men really are prettier when they are sleeping. ;) Be safe & we love you!!!!!
Outstanding show at the Artichoke Sat 10th,enjoyed meeting all of you. Thanks for the evening,come back real soon....
Please come back to Winfield this year! You were missed greatly and were the talk of the Pecan Grove. Can't get enough of the melodica! Sometimes just have to put crashboombang on repeat...
dang what kind of parent do you have???
See you all Saturday Night at the Artichoke - Wichita
i hate it when you drive after a show. yes, dad reads everything-everyday
sorry - she was already on the computer when i got home from choir... i thought she might not see. she's quite disturbed. i did the best i could to smooth things over. i'm thinkin you're probably gonna delete this comment!!!
i saw the pics of you and that dog... kenai? what kind of name is that? i'm not sure i like what i saw. you are gonna be in big trouble when you get home. just be ready. you think you can throw a fit? you ain't seen nuttin yet!!! love and purrs, lydis kidis
donk donk donk d-donk donk donk do-o-nkeeeeey!
Thank you. I love being a talking donkey.
mucho gusto (that's "me likey" in spanish) the calendar page and keeping up with day to day stuff. very nice indeed.
looking forward to and hopefully seeing you live in clarkston michigan on 17th.yes it's cold here -12
I am your long lost donkey and i wonder why you don't give props to the donkey cousin who gave you a camera for your fancy slide shows.
Hey, Sorry to hear it's so cold up north. It's 65 and sunny in the Burg. Tristan wants to know when his motorcycle buddies will be on the trail? His Dad is making him a track, so we can all play Evil Kneivel. Yahoo!!!! Ya'll be careful now and come home soon.
I just want to let you two know that your music is stuck in my head for all time. I can not wake up in the morning without one of your songs stuck in there, even if I have not listened to one of your cds in a few days! I will be so glad when spring gets here so you can come back to Tulsa and play at the River's Edge.
miss you!
You guys were awesome in Moulton. WE really enjoyed hearing yall. Can't wait for the next show. Yall have a lot of energy on stage that is really entertaining. Thanks again.
Keep up the great work!
Who and where are ya'll from? I live in Vicksburg MS,dad's family from Tylertown MS and anytime we come up on the name it interests us.
dude i think im related 2 u if u have a my space mines is myspace.com/jenniisme
It sounds good! Let me know when you come to Tjalleberd (a little village in the northern part of The Netherlands) and I'll be there!
my gosh where do i start ??? my father told me to look the girls up i want to know if we have any realation can u please contact me
I like your site very much indeed.
happy new year!!! hope it's a great one - much health, happiness, and prosperity!!!
great music--checked you out after readsing country weekly.----bob michigan
you rock. what else can i say. you just flat rock!
pretty cool last name hey.dickinson tx
Hey Ladies, Looking forward to seeing you at Avo's in Ft. Collins. Mention my name on the radio show and I'll buy you a beer! An offer you can't refuse! :) Cheers, Art
Len Ginn of the Tyler Town Mississippi Ginn's now in California. Howdy! :-)
my family and i really enjoyed the time you spent with us on the 10th of nov. the show was really great saturday night, you blew all of us away. teresa has taken control of your new cd and i don't know when i'll get i back. be careful and if there is anything we can ever do, please don't hesitate to call!!!
Mon, Nov 13 Hey! We sure did enjoy having you all over for the weekend. We had lots of fun. Anna says hi & she misses both of you. Ya'll really made a big impression on her. Come back soon!!
the live show was great!!! love ya and miss you all - hurry up and come home.
Hey Girls! I'm almost unpacked. Tif, need your decorating help. Love you girls! Aunt Tam
Hey girls, just surfin around and thought I would say hello. Loving your new CD! Keep up the great work. Later from the Wakonda clan.
Hi and please hurry back to Austin. Thanks
hey guys! hows it going? you need to come back to the conroe area, i miss seeing you. hope all is well. love yall
I was so disappointed that the weather was not favorable for your scheduled concert at The River's Edge in Tulsa yesterday. I was so looking forward to seeing you again. I will be waiting in eager anticipation for your next scheduled visit.
We caught your show with Mtn Stage in bluefield a few weeks ago we think you 2 kick ass.
your music is great hope your band will come to mytrle beach s.c. in play i cannot belive your last name is the same as mine good luck and best wish lol joe ginn
Hey Girls!! It's official, I'm a HOME OWNER!! So, when you come to the Big D, there are 2 etra rooms for you girls. Love & miss you both! Tam
Hello girls!!! I am soooo jealous. I want to live at the Von Minden!!!! What a totally cool building. If you would ever stay home we would come to TX. Oh well... I miss you!!!!!
I heard you at the Austin airport on Wednesday and was blown away at how great you were. I bought your latest album and have had it playing in my car ever since.
Heard you at the airport today and bought both cds. I hope others followed my lead. Hope I gave you the right amount of money. When I was getting on the plane I was afraid I didn't give you enough. You sound great and I definitely love your animation and personality that comes thru when you sing!
Hey Tiff and Brit from Livingston, TX! I was near Austin in July and bought 3 Blood Oranges CD'S (1 for me and 2 for friends)...LOVE IT!! Now Isabella is singing all the songs (remember she loved Blue Monday) as we drive down the road.:-) Take care and hope to see soon!!
on the road again... just can't wait to get on the road again... did i sound like willie? in my head i sounded just like him!!!
we enjoyed hearing you again in Ft. Worth. Our son and his girlfriend are new fans now. Thank goodness we were lucky enough to"discover" you at the Crossroads in Winnsboro. We hpe to catch you in Austin in October.
meow meow meow i tore your sweater off the hanger. i think you better come home. you not gonna likey.
Hey ladies! We had a great time listening to you and performing for you at Bill and Lisa's. Sorry the rain ruined your second set. We love the CD by the way. Sara
i missed your show at the sportsmans tavern in buffalo ny and im ticked off. irecieved a cd from a friend of mine and it kicks ass! we need alot more texas in ny.see y'all next time. love tj slade.
Caught the show yesterday on FOX. Loved it! We're so proud of ya'll!!!! Hope to see ya at the Rock House.
Great show this morning and i got to see it live! the french bulldog love it as well. Keep on Rock'n
Great show this morning!!! You should be on David Letterman!!!
Everyone at Daves Place says hi. Would like to hear back at this email address
hello! i love your new cd. i love your old cd. you rock. hope you had a shuper shweet trip to the island!!!
Fit 'n' Tirb rock!
Hey girls. I saw your dad this morning at the wound center and we got to visit after a long stretch of noe seeing each other. I thrilled ya'll are doing so well. Keep doing what you're doing and stay grounded. Wade Bowen is going to be at the Kolache Fest 9-30-06. We're not quite sure what to expect!!! We need to get ya;ll on next year. God bless you both. Lorena (your dad's nursing instructor that sat in the parking lot listenting to you perform after his graduation.) :-)
Sure enjoyed your set at Douglas Corner last week for Americana Tonight. I was there to get my Texas Music fix (I
Your show in Nashville Wednesday night was a fantastic surprise because I came to the show to see another group. Great energy, unique style, really powerful vocals and not bad on the eyes ;). Thanks for taking the cellophane off my CD. I listened to it as soon as I got into my car for my early morning trip back to Atlanta the morning after your show. I'll definately make a road trip to see you perform again!
I was really excited to see your billing on fox news on the 21st of September at 7:00 am. I have that marked on my calendar so I won't miss it. I am really looking forward to it.
Hey gals and dude...met you and caught your show here in Nashville tonght. you guys were great. good luck with everything.
Greetings from the Bluegrass, I think I must have done some kind of weird little Texas Two-Step (of sorts) yesterday. 'Just locked on my Bocktoberfest tickets yesterday mornin', then last night I moseyed on down to Whitley City (a podunk little town in southern Kentucky) to catch a musical act I knew absolutely nothing about. "THE GINN SISTERS" ??? It kinda sucked not bein' able to swill a few barley pops at the show (dry county) and the family name ("GINN") wasn't a happy reminder because I love to sip my G&Ts, but the high-energy/big-sound from this little Texas Tandem was the perfect tonic to get me through the evening! After livin' 8 years in Texas (9 years if I include vacations) I've seen a lot of the best in musical talent this country has to offer. So I know what I'm talkin' about when I say "You Guys Rock!" Best of Luck! Dave
Hey Girls!! Y'all rocked in your interview down in Corpus. I tried winning Bill's CD, but I wasn't the lucky winner. That DJ loved you guys! I can't wait to see y'all in Ft. Worth. Bill, don't worry, I'll be happy to see you too! I love you girls & I'm very proud of you! Love - The Coolest Aunt Ever
hope to see you while you are in nashville!!!
Seen you at the Fred Eaglesmith picnic. You were GREAT hopefully you will come back again next year.
Thanks for all the great comments and the interest in "Blood Oranges". If you have any problems with the PayPal processing, try CDBaby, the second best place to buy it on the web! Thanks, Bill
have a fab. time on bleeker street
i miss my little darlings.
It's great you two fought your way through the full body searches at the border to come out to Fred's picnic. Thank you for signing my poster and the CD for Rory. You coming over and talking to our little group was a highlight of the weekend. Your act really stood out in a good way. I hope you can make your way back across for Fred's picnic next year. Maybe, Fred will open for you again.
You were fantastic! I really enjoyed your show at the River's Edge in Tulsa last Monday. I had a busy week this past week, but when I heard that you were returning to Tulsa, I set Monday evening top priority. I scheduled everything else around your show. Blood Oranges is everything it was advertized to be and more. However, whether it is better than Generally Happy, I haven't decided yet. I think both albums are exceptional. No doubt it would be too much to expect you to return to Tulsa every month, but if you happen to work in a spot in September, you can be sure that I will make every effort to be there. I may have to consider relocating to Austin. I am so excited about your position on the charts. I see no reason why you shouldn't rise to the top in due time. I think your talent, ability and sound, as well as your showmanship, is unequalled. I love your music and look forward so much to my next opportunity to hear you perform.
Congratulations on the big "four-six"!!!
You girls are great musicians and just kick ass live!! And I love how your not afraid to be sexy and not take yourselves too seriously. It gives me hope for the world knowing that women like you are in it.
Saw you tonite open for The Ditty Bops in Ann Arbor. You were outstanding and hope you come back to the Ark soon.
An old friend of your Mom, Dad & brothers. I tried to vote but the server wouldn't serve it up. Let me know if it's too late. Been in Colorado til yesterday and got the info. from an email.
Hello Ladies. I had an opportunity to visit with your Dad today in the big city of George West. He told us about your website and needless to say we had to view. Your Dad beams when he speaks about you and to say He is very proud of what you have done would be an understatement. The rest of the Ginn clan down South are also proud of you. It has been a long time since we saw you girls and look forward to seeing you soon. Continue to follow your dreams. Rodney and Danette Ginn
MEOW MEOW MEOW! MEOW meow, meow mew. MEW, MEW, wrowr. Meow
The best music club in the Buffalo,NY area, The Sportsmen's Tavern can't wait to hear The Ginn Sisters & Blood Oranges Dwane Hall
Heard some "Blood Oranges" songs on Gary Irving's Monday "Roots" show on WVUD here in Newark, Delaware. Really fine stuff you guys !! You can listen to the "Roots" program weekdays from 9-12 AM eastern at wvud.org, different DJs every day. I just ordered the CD from yer site, thanks for the great music. PS I'm quite fond of Gruene and Enchanted Rock too !
I would have sold Gordy to see you girls sing with your mom!! Bless you Kari for doing such a fine job with your girls. Us KS folks think they are pretty special and they have stolen our hearts!!!!! The Fall awaits girls and I think that your future in this music thing is going to be very bright. See you in Sept!!!!
I am so proud of you! What fun singing together at the Cactus - truly a blessing in my life to be the mommy of the Ginn Sisters!
Please forgive me for misspelling your names Tiffani and Brit...
I am so glad my husband listened to me when I told him we NEEDED to go hear y'all at the Cactus last night! What an awesome show! Your personalities and stage presence are captured on your CD's, so I will experience last night's energy each time I listen to them.
I saw your amazing show at the Cactus last night. I loved it when Mom sang with you. Will she be touring with you? I look forward to your next gig in Austin.
I came to your show last night and it was amazing!! You have such energy and talent and an obvious passion for what you do. Your performance was inspiring, to say the least. I am delighted to have been able to attend and look forward to seeing you again. Good luck with everything in the future.
I came to your CD release tonight at the Cactus Cafe. You all are very talented musicians, and you have a great stage presence and energy. I really enjoyed the mother-daughter trio, and the whole show was superb. I'll be there for your next show here in Austin at the end of the month.
Thanks so much for all the support and the kind words here on the "Say Hello" page. It keeps us going! The Ginn Sisters "Blood Oranges" just jumped to #26 on the Americana Music Chart! Holy Cow!!! Phil, you can contact me directly about private gigs. E-mail me at Bill@tifginn.com or call me at 512-203-4619
I was so excited to hear tonight that you have scheduled another visit to The River's Edge in Tulsa and am making plans to attend. I cannot adequately describe the effect your music has on me. Tiffany, I love your voice and your style. And Brittany, you add so much with your harmony and your flute is so mezmorizing. I really enjoy your music.
I caught your show at the Mucky Duck last night. I came in knowing nothing about y'all, but the it was a connection to your hometown that piqued my curiousity. Really enjoyed it. I was wondering about your availability to do a private gig. How could I get more details? Be well, Michael
Your music takes me back to life on the Texas plains; you are so authentic and connected to the Texas I grew up in, where everyone waved and smiled as they passed on the pre-freeway Texas roadways. Your love songs cut to the core and encourage us to take Love seriously, to look at ourselves squarely in the eyes and beyond. I also deeply appreciate the role you play in the Austin music culture; your presence and accesibility there is contributing to a growing sense of community among Texas alternatives. I am in the East Bay a good piece of each year and hope to see yall out here soon! Lemee know and I'll try to arrange free housing and a house party. Love and Light, Doug Zachary
Hi Girls! I stumbled upon your music surfing the radio stations on my way home from work. I was reeled in immediately by the pure and honest sound of "Don't Leave me Standin'" I promptly got home and ordered your CDs online and have shared your music with my family and friends. A native born Mississippian from the Delta, I am no stranger to country, folk, bluegrass and blues. I love your sound and think you have a beautiful blend of all four styles. I was heartbroken when the storm and subsequent blackout called off your show at Off Broadway in STL. My wife and a half dozen of our friends were planning to come that night. Keep up the GOOD work and I hope y'all can make it back to Saint Louis soon!
just happened upon your name with the cactus cafe newsletter. nice music. but there certainly needs to be a dance floor wherever you play for those of us who have to translate your great rhythms into movement! i also noticed that you didn't have listed KNBT in new braunsfel on your list of stations playing you. what gives? they advertise themselves as an americana music station. i'm glad to see you are putting small town texas on the map - grew up in a town of 5000 myself 100 miles from the border. and if you need alternative therapy at reasonable prices, email me. reiki and more. K>
Hey there, Saw you in the Austin Airport on Tuesday and enjoyed the show. Hope you come up to Denver sometime. Would love to take my daughter to see you. She plays the flute and is now just learning the guitar. Take care
What luck !!! Catching you guys at Sneaky Pete's last night. You guys sounded great can't wait to see on again on saturday. Thanks for coming to effingham and thx for signing the hat !! Travel safe.
Hello Ladies, I happened to see you in the Austin Airport in 2004 and loved the music. I was just listening to your CD "Generally Happy" and hoping you were still at it musically. Would love to see you two again sometime, especially if you ever get out to California.... Keep up the great music and lyrics. California Country Boy - Brent
Blood Oranges is one brilliant piece of work. I'd say more, but I'm left speechless.
I am disappointed! I have been attending The River's Edge in Tulsa, OK nearly every night since my first visit on the 7th of this month and I haven't heard a group I like as much as I like yours. I am so glad I bought your album. Can I get a discount on a replacement when I wear this one out?...lol Generally Happy has quickly become my favorite album. Soon I plan to order your second album as well. Oh, don't forget to let me know the date of your next scheduled appearance at the River's Edge in Tulsa. Luv ya, Phil
Otherwise known to you two as Marcia Moore, mom of Cindy and Amanda. Hi!! Saw your parents at the Zimmermann wedding last Saturday, and they were telling us about your CD release party at The Cactus, and I promised them we would be there -- well, I lied. I forgot we are hosting our National Night Out Block Party that night. Darn! I'd much rather be seeing you girls. Shame on us for not making it to hear you long before this, but now I'll keep up with your schedule and catch you at The Bugle Boy or wherever you are in Austin soon. Good luck and congrats on your new CD. I plan to buy your first one asap. MM
hey Tiffany what kinda sandwiches you sellin these days i used to work at mazda south and come see yall at mother egans just wanteed to say hi and see if yall played in alabama at all (i'm now living in huntsville, al) anyway have a great day
We saw you ladies in Tulsa Friday night and you were great!!!! :-) Thanks for coming here. We hope to see you again soon!
Hey girls, congrats on the great new CD and it's many successes. More to come I'm sure! Waterloo Records has you on their listening station and I heard you twice on KUT. And GREAT review in the Chronicle!
Thank You so very much for performing at the Instruments for Peace gig at Ruta Maya Hdqtrs in Austin ,Texas on June 29, 2006. It was a wonderful evening of Music, and the Non Military Options for Youth/ Veterans for Peace successfully raffled off the guitar for badly needed funds to help them continue presenting at High Schools here in Central Texas. We sincerely appreciate your gracious participation , the bands' time and energetic early morning KGSR radio appearance on our behalf at IFP , the sharing of your musical gift with all of us ! Wonderful show ! Love, Always, The Instruments for Peace extended family
I had the fortune of catching part of your concert in Tulsa on July 7th and thoroughly enjoyed the music. You are very talented and I like your style. I look forward to your next appearance in Tulsa.
I love u brit u look great in that new pic. hope to c u soon
Hey Brit!! I don't think you'd remember me, but I met you once coming up to visit Allison... when you guys shared an apartment!!! Allison has informed me of your success, and I plan on coming to see you July 30th in Houston... I'll be with Allison... I have a son named Dylan... he came with me to Waco when I met you - maybe that will help you remember! Anyway - looking forward to hearing your music!!! Congrats on your success!!!! -Keila
WoW !! Here I am, sat at my desk in the United Kingdom .. and I stumble across your music on an itunes radio station .. crashboomerang ...fantastic ... even from 5000 miles away !! .. Say hello to me on myspace.com/guyfromlastnite I will definitley look to come to the US to see you !
Are you going to reschedule at the Saxon Pub in Austin? Let us know when you do so we can plan a trip to see our granddaughter and you.
Girls! I'm so sorry that Kevin & I didn't get to meet up with you in Colorado. I hope you guys come to Dallas soon. The CD ROCKS!!Mo's song is awesome! Thank you for loving her! Love you girls!
Hey Melissa! Hey Girls! Thanks to all of you who have taken our girls in. We so appreciate you!
Congrats on new CD. Am looking forward to getting a copy. I grew up in Schulenburg and know your parents, grandparents, uncles etc. If your ever in the Dallas area would love to come see you. We'll try to make to Schulenburg for the release party at Fryberg.
Just wanted to plug Blood Oranges a little, ladies. This is the one girls. you are on your way and it is going to be so much fun watching you rise like the bread dough. Everyone that has ears needs to hear this CD. I may be slightly predjudice but I still think this is a beautiful work of art!!! Thanks for sharing your incredible talent with all of us here in KS!!! you may have just chaged this here town!!! I'll be watching the charts!!!!!!
Was just going over the future calendar for Mucky Duck's in Houston and saw you on there - came to your page and LOVED the music. So, already ordered both of the cd's and can't wait to get them. Hope to catch your show in Houston soon.
hope to see ya at the Pernsteiners in Sept
Hi ladies and Bill Carol just showed me how to use the computer and thought I'd say HI. HI. Tiff what about the season ending of "Big Love"? Can't wait to see you all have a great time. Love you all Trish
can you music be played in Loudon, Tenn.?
Girls Girls Girls....I've just been sitting here listening to the little snip its of your songs (my computer only throws little bits at me at a time) All I have to say is WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your mother must be mighty proud of you!!! I know I am!!!! Can't wait to see you. Your paradise awaits!! Lots of love and good vibes to you both and that fellow you tote along with you. See you soon!!!!
Hi Girls, We are excited to have you coming to McCook, NE and the Bieroc Cafe. Can we be a CD release party too? See ya soon, m www.bieroccafe.com
hey tif and brit and billy boy! hows the tour going? i heard about the fishing trip from your mom, cool! hope all is well! cant wait to see you play again! much love lil sarah
Have enjoyed your site and the samples of your music. We're looking forward to seeing you June 3rd at the Crossroads in Winnsboro, Texas.
hey - love the new cute pics!!! i'm a sucker for new pics! miss you all very much. so glad you are having such an awshom tour. wish we were there with ya! love & kisses
I cannot thank you enough for the graduation party performance by the bubbling waters of the San Marcos RIver. I am in Brussels now, and your old CD is a new favorite of everyone who hears it, no matter what language they speak. There is already buzz abou the Ginn Sisters' European tour. As a devoted fan, I'd like to know if these are just rumors (that I spread)? Merci beaucoup!
hey tami!
Hey Girls! I'm checking in to see how things are going while you're on the road. Love - Aunt Tami
Hey Ladies, I had the pleasure of stumbling onto the two of you one night at the rivers edge in tulsa. My friends and I still talk about how much we enjoyed listening to you and your cd is still in heavy rotataion in my 4Runner. You also made us fans of "I got a brand new pair of roller skates" Thanks!
loving the new stuff. i can't wait for the cd release! see you soon!
Hey Girls, I wanted to tell you that the boys and I are looking forward to some R&R at Freyburg Hall! I am sorry about your grandmother, but glad to hear that the band is playing on. Hope all is well and see you soon!
Hey ladies...just wanted to say that you were awesome at Casbeers. When are you coming back to SA!?
Hey just wanted to know when you gals will be back to the Coneburg in Peabody
Just saw you are booked to appear at Crossroads in Winnsboro,Tx. on 3 June. Wow! We plan to see you there... and we just bought a weekend place just down the road at Mineola, so we will be lots closer for this show. Best wishes.
Down the Drain is... let's spin the wheel of adjectives... phenomenal! Hope your new CD is a mind-blowing success!
Glad to see you two.
It was great seeing ya'll sunday, the boys had a great time! Hope you get some sleep Tif and wish you a great week in the 'Burg Brit.
It was nice to meet you in Kansas City, sorry we got there late to hear you play. You sounded great for what little we heard. Let me know next time you're playing in Kansas City... good luck, Duane
First off Lindsey called yesterday said to say hello. We heard u play at Harvey & Carol's house in Peabody. Love your style and music talent. When u play at the Coneburg in Peabody this weekend could u play 10 pound bag for my wife Elissa. She plays your cd every saturday while cleaning the house and just loves that song. Thanks and have a safe trip. Roy Patton
jealous....you should be jealous. i have won the title 4 years running and show NO intentions of slowing down. back off.
When are you coming to California?
Hey, I heard you two on KDHX, St. Louis' community radio station this morning. What great pipes you have (vocal and musical). Now I want to come tonight to see the show! Enjoy St. Louis--no, the weather isn't usually this crappy! Not as nice as Austin is now (I used to live there) but it's better come about July.
happy birthday! ya'll are aweshome
Happy birthday to you. The boss made me do it!
happy birfday to you! happy birfday to you! happy birfday dear brit happy birfday to you! love you
Happy-Happy-Happy Birthday Brit Be safe and see ya'll soon
You girls were awesome at the Blue Bird! I've had your songs in my head for days now. Can't wait to be able to get a CD.
You girls sounded great last night at the Blue Bird! Looking forward to playing with ya's at the commodore on tuesday! C-ya then!
GREAT show at Eddies Attic in Decatur. We really enjoyed ya'll. Safe travels to you both. Hopefully you'll be back soon.
hey ya'll
hey old neighbors! mom told us about your website and we checked it out. we just listened to the song on your website...it was awesome. it looks like you guys are pursuing your passion...what you two are so talented at! good luck with all your endeavors. drop me a line whenever you get a chance. maybe we can make it to one of your shows when i visit amy in austin. take care, tnt
Just caught you guys at the Moonlight. Thanks for hanging around for our guitar circle. You really added a log. Hopefully we will be able to give you a bigger crowd on your next swing through.
yep, there's a birthday really soon...guess how old brit will be?
I thought maybe one of you would be having a birthday soon, since Tiffani just had one and it was all over the website...and you girls are only 13 months apart. Hmmm. Oh well. Surely someone would have posted something about it. Must be my mistake.
FYI: the Lindale "Book House" Concert has been postponed to a date to be named later. My fault, sorry Molly and Dan and etc. The girls will be in Marshall on the 11th however, don't know how far that is down the road, but maybe it's an alternative. The 10th is actually booked in Belton at the concert series there. Thanks. Bill
We are having Ginn withdrawals...heard u are going to be in Lindale, March 10..We will see u there...
HEY... its your cuzin DESTINY... havent seen yall in awhile... hope you come play around here again some time... have fun YOUR FAVORITE CUZIN DESTINY;-) LOL
we want to see the ski pics!
Ross, the pictures will be posted soon! before & after skiing pics are heehawlarious!
what up, cookie?
Happy Birthday, belated. Let me know if you got the pics. Love, Ross
hi cara~ we're having a prob contacting you through your eddress. want to sign up again? we must not have the right one. sorry! TGS
Hey girls! I saw you play at Stagger Inn in Edwardsville, IL. You guys were so great. My Dad runs a bluegrass festival in the same area and I was wondering if yall were interested?
Hello, it's me Steve. I am a fan for awhile now. Even when you all were called Somebody's Sister. I've seen you a few times now, here at Off Broadway, recent show (Jan 26th)and at Stagger Inn, and speaking of Inn... Insignificant is a wonderful song. I'm glad Brit changed the song playlist towards the end of the show to include it. You all are really something else. I want to congratulate Bill & Tiffany in getting married. I knew before when i seen the look in your 4 eyes that it was meant to be. (during some song that Bill sang back some time ago.... and you and him joined in together, very nice. But, I'm wanting to see you fine Texans sing tonite but it is rainy and I don't think I will Stagger over to the Inn...... But, may make it to the Eaglesmith concert coming up. If you are interested in making a music video let me know, I can be of some service. one ?, what song is it you gals do that it turns into a contest on how long you hold the note between the two of you? did not do it the other night. until later, StL Steve
hey. i think i hear your momma calling.
Great seeing you and getting a chance to chat at the MILL in Iowa City, IA. We LOVE YOU!!!
Yeah, I was the guy sitting by that other dude you played with at Studio One at UNI. Bought the CD, and it's great! I'm a musician too (drums, guitar, bass, piano) and I've played music all my life like you girls. I've been in Rock, Country, Punk , Metal, and even Christian bands. Just wanted to say that I'm a new fan and that it's awesome to see such soulful musicians, especially these days. I'll be looking forward to your next CD.
Saw you last night at Davey's in Kansas City (1/22). Outstanding! Wonderful show, with Birthday cake to boot! Can't believe I've been visiting Austin since '87, friends with a lot of musicians there (John Croslin, Cindy Toth, Wannabes guys) and haven't seen u yet! Wonderful stuff!! Brit- Disregard Chloe. You're Gorgeous.
dug the set at daveys and i'll definitely catch your next trip to K.C. and hbd tiffani
Thank You girls for coming to Kansas. All I do is sit and stare blankly into space since you left. Maybe someday I can come to TX to live with you!!!! I Love You Tiffy and Briffy!!!!
hey, brit. i sat next to you on a flight from austin to houston. i just checked and can't make your southern IL show, but i'll catch y'all next time in town (chicago). good luck with the ukelele!
happy birthday to youoooo happy birthday to youoooo happy birthday dear tiffani happy birthday to youooooo! and many more! she only wishes it was her 24th! Love, Mom
Happy Birthday Tiffani!
Happy Happy Birthday I can only wonder how it feels to be 24. Have a great day.
Happy Happy Birthday Tiff I know how old you are. Hi Britt. Love yawl
in response to your guessing about tif's age... i'm guessing 7. in regards to all the nice folks who keep you from being homesick, i say a big ol thanks... maybe this mom and dad can do the same for someone else's babies. you are appreciated more than you will ever know. wish we were skiing with you guys! miss you. love mom
hey your pictures are missing...
Mmmmmmmeowiss meowyouuuuuu
Hi, I'm so glad I got a chance to check out your show at Avagadros last night. I have always loved live music, especially people who write their own songs. I think your music is great and I wish you the best with your careers. Next time I'm in Texas I will drop in on a show! Looking forward to the new CD...
Hey,that's awesome! You're from Schulenburg! I'm from Markham(Tidehaven High School). I saw the flute in the pic(i play flute & it is the most awesome instrument ever invented) and i had to check ya out.
Dear Ginn Sisters...Haven't got your album yet,I played your two sample cuts.That was enough for me.I'll be ordering your cd soon.Get paid but once a month.All my best.Paul J. PS:There's always got to be a PS.Right?Right.Would you be able to autograph a copy for me?
I just listened to the Kerosene CD by Miranda Lambert. My entire family thinks it sound like you two on there. We love ya!
Hi, I noticed that your schedule doesn't say where Dave's Place is (1/20 show). We're looking forward to seeing you here in Strong City, KS.
We'd love to bring the Ginn Sisters to England and the rest of Europe. We just need a promoter over there. Got any ideas? For those of you in Midwest and Colorado, Check the Calendar!
When are you planning to come to England
when ya gonna show us the web cam from tiffani's house?
hey! happy new year! can't wait to hear you again. have a super tour!
Hello girls, I'm counting the days until you get to KS. I say let's rock the bible belt!!! I have some great pictures to show you when you get here!!! Love Ya!!! Carol
Hey Girls! Happy New Year! Love you! Aunt Tami
greetings ladies. good to see y'all getting so much work. hopefully you will find some time to make it to sargent sometime soon. we miss ya. cheers, c.b.
I saw you last night at Bugle Boy. I can truly say that I enjoyed the entire show and I believe that my 13 year old daughter "Lorin" now has a new idol...Tiff. I watched you both and could see my two daughters in you. Lorin is so much like Tiff and Brooke would be closer to Brit...if she could sing. Your parents have always been a blessing to our family and now you two jewels are too. Keep up the great work and know that we support you and are behind you girls. Take care.
Hey Girls! It was so amazing last night at the Bugle Boy! I have never heard yall sing before. I absolutely loved it. I do have to say though, that you girls and your mother are so gifted! Keep up the fantastic work!
Hey Tif and Brit, great show last night at the Bugle Boy, it was the first time I have actually sat and watched a show... that's all my fault. Can't wait to see another show.
Brit/Tif- I haven't heard from you. Let me know when you're coming to the Big "D". Where are those pictures from the fundraiser in Shermann? Love you girls - Tam
Anderson Fair Gig for THursday night is CANCELLED!!! Sorry everyone- we'll come back.
Hello from a fan! I was so glad to catch your show in Kansas City at Davey's uptown. I hope all is well and you are having a great 'holidaze' season. The entire rowdy crowd at the front table passes on their greetings too, especially 'little insignificant' who was in the john...haha. Stay groovy!
great job on the pics! put more put more!
See y'all Friday at Machenrys. Gonna be a great night.
Tiffani and Britt, saw / heard you in the Austin airport today. Darn near missed my flight while I enjoyed your music! You can bet if you make an appearance in the Dallas area, I'll be there to cheer you on. -The guy in the black hat
Happy Thanksgiving I love your website update: I'm 'listening while I look'. New to me anyway. See you in Colorado.
I heard ya'll on NPR the other day and you have the best folk sound I've ever heard. PRETTY PLEASE, Drop by Austin so I can hear ya'll play a live show!
hello'hope thing's are well,enjoyed jamm'n with you folk's let me know when y'all come thru k.c. again sorry I missed ya last time take care! (floyd's friend) mark
YES of course we read the calendar and wait to see pictures damn it!!! Wink just givin ya a bad time. Hey yeah, put the web cam up. I can live vicariously through you guys. Talk to you all soon. Peace and all that jazz, Charmaine Gullikson (yes still in WAkonda)
Great show at Cafe Caffeine last weeek with Abi! And a great venue to actually hear people sing their songs. A fine addition to the Bouldin Creek neighborhood.
I read the other side.
heard you at rib house! y'all are so great! what energy! hope to see you again soon!
I came out tonight to catch Abi Tapia at Cafe Caffeine and what a treat it was to hear you gals! I really enjoyed your music! Took a CD home so I could enjoy more of ya'll. Best of luck to you. Jim
my favorite song on the radio was crash boom bang. it was soooo aweshome...i recorded it and listen to it over and over again.
It's your old Pink Ladie, "Stephanie"!! Just kidding - it's me Rachel and I will try to make your show this weekend in Austin. I will also try to squeeze in some time to see Brooke B.. I hope to see you both and maybe catch up! Rachel Sustr Carns
you are crescent fresh!!!
greatest show ever at the mucky duck--can't wait to see ya'll at the ribhouse
Glad you're staying in Texas for a while. I missed you! Love, Your Stinkiest Fan
loved the show last night!! next time you come back to KC, we'll have to go rollerskating, mine are in my car!
i seen you guys up at randy auxiers house in murphysboro illnois i just wanted to say great concert and i really enjyed listening to you.
Hey Girls- I wanted to make sure and sign up on the mailing list- "Did not want Brit to feel bad". Ladies, ya just kicked butt Thursday night at Joe Sippers. Ya just seem to get better and better each time I hear ya. Your harmonies are incredible. We'll see ya Saturday night at the KC's- Later Gals- Signed- Wild Bunch Skin Beater!
your probably wondering what my e-mail address means, it means evil sister2. i juat got back from joe sippers and you and bill were really good! cant wait 2 see you again!
Just got home from hearing you at Joe Sippers. As usual you were great, the twins were so happy to see you! We love your warmth and openness. You can make all ages feel good! Looking forward to new t-shirts. The Earth Mother's blessings on you both.
my friends and i think you are really aweshome.
When can we expect more fun and excitement out at Freyburg? Will you be posting future events on this or another site? ...the suspense is terrible! I hope it will last...
Brit, Great web-site, very impressed. I can't wait to see you girls live at a venue. I've seen the backyard jam session at your going away party back in may, that was great, but I'm sure the live show is(as you would say) awesome. Well call me when you can.Pease,Love,and Power. Steven
I am a folk DJ at WDCB Public Radio in Glen Ellyn, Illinois. I have just received your CD, "generally happy," and I need the lyrics prior to giving you airplay. Can you supply them by email? George
is this a contest?
greatest show on earth at Baby A's, looking forward to Freyburg this weekend
awesome show at Baby A's!!!you rock!
Anne & Bill Overhulser (Andy's parents) Friday, August 26th, 2005, 8:34 PM CDT Just talked to Andy; he's planning on seeing you in Austin Sunday, and he reminded us of your website. Really enjoyed listening to the downloadable songs. Thanks! Anne & Bill
I was hoping that you guys would be out this way again! I will see you guys at the Tin Melon on Friday! I'm so excited! We want to show you our support and bring new people in to see you because I know that they will enjoy your music as much as we have. Also- I can't thank you enough for the cd you guys gave us for our wedding present. I'm loving it and it's one of my favorites. God bless all of you!
Girls! I'm so excited that you're coming back to the Big "D"...Love you both very much! Aunt Tam
Hi Saw you girls at the Sweet Pea Festival in Bozeman and love your music and your style. Bought your CD and glad I did - It's great! I see it's dedicated to Grandma Pettit. Do you girls have a Cajun background? Love that ol' time Cajun music too!
hi my name is mawpaw i'm saying hello like you said will you respond?
Hey der! The festival was great! Hows the road treatin' ya's? Carry on!...
Hey ladies. I'm a friend of Robbie Freeman's and am the entertainment chairperson of Holiday Hills Country Club in Mineral Wells. I'm very excited that ya'll are coming to play for us next month.I'm planning on seeing ya'll the end of this month in Weatherford. If there is anything special that you need just let me know........Jennifer
Hi, Really enjoyed your shows here in Bozeman. Hope you liked Sweet Pea and we hope you get back to town soon! Thank You!
Hey girls! I saw ya'll in Lubbock on wednesday night and I was absolutely floored. Consider me a fan for life - I can't wait to hear new music from ya'll....the song about leaving this old town really hit home with me. I'm moving to Germany in a month and I just broke up with my boyfriend of 3 1/2 years. Listening to that song was like hearing someone sing about my life right now....so please get it on the internet soon! Thank you so much for giving my friend Jonathan and I such a great night on wednesday! Can't wait to hear you again!
hey girls! happy traveling!!! love you!
I just happened to be at the Rivers Edge one day when I heard your music. It was incredible...so I bought the cd and you both signed it, thank you! I love your music and your stage presence is incredible! Please let me know when you will be anywhere close so I can become a groupie! Good luck to the both of you!
My loss, I missed your show in Ft.Worth @ MacHenry's this month. Unavoidable out of town trip, I will try my best to catch you next time that you're in my area. I know from Kerrville that you are both excellent singer / songwriters and enjoy your music and performances immensely down there. Best of luck to you, See you in Kerrville next time. Tommy - Camp Barefoot P.S. I have some photos from Kerrville this year to E-mail if you'd like ..... drop me an E-mail.
love you all three very much.
I love you. Can't wait to see you in Boulder.
Todays Is July 1st And i just had to let you know how awesome you did last night at the green lantern.I went there expecting the poss family and i got both of you. That was a great deal.Bye From, Ben Zuber Teutopolis, Il
Please add me to your mailing list if you have one. I hear via the grape vine that you might be playing in Ft Collins, CO @ Everyday Joe's, I work with Chris, who books there and he is a great guy and will treat you right... Hope to see and hear you soon. Art
hey girls, Hows the road? We were just wondering how you were, especially Ethan. Later, the wakonda gang
What is up ladies? Are you ever going to bless me with your presence in Omaha again or did the "Evil Rainbow Monkeys" scare you off. Hope all is well sounds like you are trucking! Cousin Chris
Hi Girls, welcome to my world:)
I just wanted to mention how much I and my wife Krystina enjoyed the concert in Livingston Saturday night! We're really enjoying the CD!
Hi girls, you're totally awesome! Can't wait to play with you again, just keeps getting better!