It's time for the picnic! This weekend, (August 16, 17 & 18), will be the 25th Annual Fred Eaglesmith Picnic! 

These days you can go to numerous festivals in any little town you drive through to get someplace else and deal with a barrage of sound and have security scan you & your stuff and pay out the wazoo and have to be subjected to somebody's drunk fest. Today it is really nice to look forward to a relaxing weekend in a beautiful setting, Springwater Conservation Area, with one stage of music and kids running around and friends and all that good stuff. So, if that's your speed- you'll love the picnic. And the showers & bathrooms are really nice!)

"Moving Day" has been included in a top 10 list on Spotify- yeah, I finally did it. 

here's the link-


*and you can now hear "Moving Day" at